Zapier app for PayPal, powered by


Beta version of our app on Zapier platform to leverage PayPal invoicing is available: Our Zapier app


You would need a PayPal account and obviously a Zapier account. would need to onboard you. During this onboarding, you would also go thru PayPal login to authorize our PayPal REST app to send Invoices on your behalf and also to receive webhooks from PayPal. At the end of the onboarding step, would provide you with API Key credentials to use while creating the Zapier connection. See screenshots

Create PayPal Invoice

The App

The "Create Invoice" action of this app allows creating and sending a PayPal Invoice. See screenshots

Creating the Zap

A sample flow leveraging an email triggered data source is depicted for conceptual purposes. In reality, any of the Zappier apps can be used as data source to drive this app. See screenshots

Receive Webhook

The App

The "Invoice Status Update" trigger can be used to receive the Invoicing webhook data from PayPal. See screenshots

Creating the Invoice Webhook

A sample flow leveraging the received PayPal Invoices webhook payload as data source to send out an email is depicted for conceptual purposes. In reality, any of the Zapier supported apps can be used as data target from this app. See screenshots

Screenshot Gallery

  • Subscription Portal - My Account - Zapier Connector

  • Authorize PayPal App

  • Portal - My Account - Enabled Zapier Connector

  • Zapier Dashboard

  • Zapier Authorization

  • Invoice Status Update to Email (1)

  • Invoice Status Update to Email (2)

  • Email to Create invoice (1)

  • Email to Create invoice (2)

Any quick feedback is appreciated.